The Jewish Community of Komarno

For almost 215 years, the Jewish Community of Komarno has been the scene for the Jewish citizen’s communal, religious, and cultural life. Before the Holocaust, there were over 2000 members, today this number has considerably decreased. In 2001, the community introduced the CHALON-WINDOW programme. Within the framework of that it has opened it’s gates to Jewish people of South Slovakia and West Hungary. Our programmes, social events are also open to people of other religions intersted in our culture. If you’re in this part of the World, please visit us!

 András and Tamás Paszternák

The Community Programme Co-ordinators

In the hope of your forthcoming visit, we have the following outstanding events:

Shalom Club: cosy Sunday afternoon gathering on occassions such as Jewish festivals, and other meaningful anniversaries, for ages 0-99.

Oreach (Guest) Club: twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, between 10-12 am, for all who have a free morning. We have a selection of up-to-date Jewish publications, board games, facilities for listening to music and watching films, for everyone interested. And of course we treat all our members, guests, visitors and everyone else for a cup of tea or coffee!

 Derech – The Jewish path programme:

  • The magic of Saturday: Friday night’s service, passing on the traditions. This is a special service, where everything is explained and you and questions can be asked. Times as advertised in advance.
  • Tradition weekend: two full days of talks and lectures on Judaism.

Zachor – Remember! programme:

 The day or martyr’s: remeberance of victims of the Holocaust at the Jewish cemetary and Synagogue. This event is held once a year in June.



The news of the Jewish Community: the newsletter that brings You closer to the past, and shows you the way to the future. A monthly newsletter, with it’s first publication about 10 years ago, containing news and information about the life of Jews in the region. This is the only newsletter in Slovakia, that is published in Hungarian with a short summary in Slovakian.